Mature oligodendrocyte marker

There are a number of experimental rodent models of demyelinating disease including cuprizone-induced demyelination and experimental mature oligodendrocyte marker encephalomyelitis EAEand remyelination has been described in both of these models [5][6]. We were able to confirm the success of this strategy in identifying precise windows in OLC development both in vitro using defined OPC and oligodendrocyte cultures, and in vivo through RNA analysis of the populations and OLC characterization during developmental myelination. These changes observed by flow cytometry correlated with previous fate-mapping studies [14].

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Most importantly we demonstrated the broad utility of the method during developmental myelination and in two distinct models of demyelination. Stem cell research 5: The loss of mature oligodendrocytes was maintained at four and five weeks. We verified the utility of the assay mature oligodendrocyte marker cultured OLCs and through a time course of developmental myelination.

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Myelin basic protein MBP A structural component of myelin, expressed exclusively by myelinating glia. Cells were washed with DPBS, lifted with 0. Browse all SOX10 antibodies.

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Mature oligodendrocyte marker
Mature oligodendrocyte marker
Mature oligodendrocyte marker

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